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Administration and Management of R&D Activities

Each R&D activity is unique and there is no such thing as a “typical” mandate at OIDS. By definition, Open Innovation is an open process that evolves gradually as new elements are added to a project. We tailor our services to your specific needs. Do not hesitate to submit your project and we will show you customized services.

Outsourcing Management of R&D Activities

Would like your key R&D professionals to focus on what is crucial to your company, rather than spending time on little value-added activities? Consider outsourcing part of their non-core activities to OIDS.

After reviewing your situation, we will offer you a clear process to meet your needs effectively. We will become an extension of your team, flexible and alert.

Networking and Starting up of Innovation Projects
  • Are you an innovative organization? OIDS can help you to:
  • Analyze you current innovation process
  • Integrate Open Innovation processes suited to your needs
  • Establish an Open Innovation project
    • An Open Innovation project may include:
    • Identification of industrial and/or academic partners
    • Support to funding request
    • Support in the negotiation of Partnership Agreement
    • Assessment of Intellectual Property
    • The implementation and monitoring of a project

Project Administration
What does that include?
  • Administrative Management :
    • otification, coordination, preparation, maintenance and monitoring of: Annual General Meeting, Board of Directors, Executive Committees
  • Financial Management :
    • Opening and managing bank accounts
    • Management of Cash Flows
    • Coordinating the production and audit of financial statements
    • Requests for insurance
  • Contract Management :
    • Coordinating the negotiations
    • Collecting and analyzing the deliverables
    • Establishing, collecting and compiling the KPI’s
  • Communications Management :
    • Intermediary between different parties
    • Branding
    • Communication tools
How much does it cost?

For a tiny portion of your project cost, OIDS will provide a smooth administration that let us you collect the benefits of the project. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Conferences and Events

OIDS offers custom conferences on Open Innovation.

Examples of conference themes :

  • Introducing SMEs to Open Innovation
  • Risks and Benefits of Collaboration
  • Integration of Open Innovation within your Company
  • Open Innovation within a Consortium
  • Open Innovation through Interactive Platforms